Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Blueberry Liesl

Blueberry Liesl
This is a recently cast on summer cardigan project I'm making for myself. The pattern is called Liesl by Ysoda Teague and can be purchased from her website. It's knitted from the top down and has a lot of variations to the pattern which mean you can personalise the project. The yarn I've chosen is called "Summer Tweed" by Rowan in the shade 525 "Blueberry". It's a 70% silk, 30 % cotton mix. My choice of yarn was influenced by hearing about it in Never Not Knitting's podcast no.16 yarn review segment.

Liesl back view
I've just reached the stitch divide for the sleeves. I'm going to make this with three quarter length sleeves and long in the body - depending on the amount of yarn available - I have five 50g balls for this project. I've modified the cast on row by holding two strands together then changed straight away to a single strand for the first knit row. My reason for doing this was that I tugged a bit too hard on this yarn trying to undo a tangle and it snapped a lot easier than I thought it would. Secondly there is no "ease" in this yarn. This pattern is knitted from the top down and potentially a lot of stress and weight carried on that edge with no "give"other than that in the lace pattern. I don't think the double thickness looks over obvious - the down side is I have more than one loose end to weave away out of sight.

Cast on edge - front view

Rowan Summer Tweed - Blueberry

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