Saturday, 8 May 2010

English Red Wine and the Industrial Revolution

English Red Wine and the Industrial Revolution
A trip to Shropshire and a day of historic contrasts . Some friends gave us a gift voucher some time ago to visit a vineyard tour on the site of the ancient Roman City at Wroxeter ( soon to be the subject of a Channel Four TV documentary). Yes, you are seeing a label for "English red wine" grown and produced in the quiet countryside near the border of England and Wales.

While in the area we decided to fast forward in history and spend the afternoon down the road exploring the nearby town of Ironbrige "Birthplace of Industry" and famous for, well, that iron bridge. The Jackfield Tile Museum is also located in the town celebrating British decorative tile manufacture from 1840 to 1960. There are lots more museums but time was short for our visit. Here's a selection of images...


  1. I've always wanted to visit the tile museum but unfortunately the last (and only!) time I tried, it was absolutely heaving with tourists which rather put me off. Lovely blog, many thanks for sharing; your photos have made me want to try again!

  2. They're lovely photos Julia - very artistic! So have you tried the wine yet?

  3. Hi Julia,
    These pics are really good. We went to Ironbridge years ago with one child in a pushchair. Long before my flickrite days. Thanks for sharing them. Hope you enjoy the wine.


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