Thursday, 17 June 2010

Granny Squares

My very bad habit, of starting yet another project before other items have been finished has surfaced again. This latest crochet project will be a cover for one of my Ikea pieces of furniture. The crochet motif I'm using comes from very clearly photographed instructions I found on a lovely blog called Attic24 and the link for how to make them is here. So far I've manage to make 33 of these squares out of a total of 70....


  1. Hi Julia!

    I love your granny squares. They are absolutely gorgeous! If you like: I have a post on my blog in which you can add a link to something you've made yourself. Thay way, visitors from my blog can visit your blog. I would love it if you will add a link of something you've made!


  2. Nice granny squares! you are like me, I am just looking for some yarn to start a pair of granny slippers because I just bought the pattern from 'The Royal Sisters' BUT I still have about 6 wips to finish so I shouldn't be starting anything new :-)

  3. Hi Julia,
    Could it be that you are psychic??
    Whilst on the school run this morning I talked to a friend about granny square blankets. She is teaching me how to crochet. Tis a slow process. Its me thats slow. And left handed. But I think I can follow this pattern. Thank you :)

  4. Those are gorgeous! Fantastic job! I love Attic24 as well.

  5. I love the colours you have used, it i going to look great!
    : )


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