Monday, 5 July 2010

Out and About - YSP

A long overdue outing to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and exhibition featuring David Nash on display until February 2011. If you like the work of Andy Goldsworthy then chances are you will like this sculptor. No photography was allowed inside the Underground gallery - so no photos of drawings of my favourite piece by this artist - The Ash Dome - a living art work in a wood in Wales started in the 1970's. Click here for a link to the Royal Academy of Arts site and the video.

Information added 06/07/2010 - link to BBC Radio 4 interview with David Nash. Click here.

The following photos were allowed...

A small exhibit in a greenhouse near the Garden Gallery featuring the work of poet Alec Finlay...



  1. We had a holiday in Yorkshire about 4yrs ago and stopped here on our way home. What a fantastic place, so much to see and in such a beautiful setting. Unfortunately we didn't allow ourselves enough time - I could have spent a full day there. Would love to go again some time.

  2. I've been listening to this exhibition being put together over a period of time on Radio 4 - would love to go. Thanks for sharing the pictures Julia!

  3. Hi Julia - thanks for sharing about this new exhibition. We'll definitely be going to see it at some point over the summer! Can't wait!

    I love the Alec Finlay plant pots, and have taken photos of them myself too. I always find it's a shame that you can't take photos in their indoor galleries - not so much for the rule in itself, but the fact that unfortunately they don't have postcards on sale of many of the works you can't take photos of, so they're only entrusted to memory. :(

    Still, the YSP remains one of my very favourite places in the world!

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    tsm - I agree re. the postcards in this exhibition. There were 3 available but non of them gave any real flavour of the exhibition. There were a number of glossy books avalable, all very lovely - I would like to own all of them!


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