Thursday, 8 July 2010

Vintage Inspired Crochet Cushion with Raspberry

I used a triangle motif shape from a book to design this cushion cover for myself. There are twelve individual pieces joined together with extra "flat " crochet around the circumference to give the required depth on this 18 inch diameter cushion. It's made in DK cotton with an improvised flower in the centre and button slip closure. Yes, the chair really is that bright pink raspberry colour. I have four of them! Not quite the colour I expected. The Dulux colour mixing card "Garnet Symphony 3" is a bit darker on the sample card. However, after four coats of paint ( 2 undercoat and 2 topcoat eggshell) and days of work, I'm keeping these re-purposed chairs as they are!


  1. Really pretty, love the raspberry!

  2. Lovely cushion should do a tutorial!!

  3. Thank you for your comments. I've made a start on instructions for how to make this cushion.


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