Monday 7 January 2019

Polkagris Kerchief

The Polkagris Kerchief is a lovely, quick and simple knit by the designer Kate Davies

I used a set of two mini skeins of sport weight, spun from Shetland sheep fleece. One a natural white and the other naturally dyed over marl grey in shade "Ocean".

Now, this was no ordinary Shetland yarn, it was a blend of wool from Shetland sheep originating from 4 farms near my croft in Scotland. When I dispersed my flock of Shetland sheep a couple of years ago the ewes went to live at one of those 4 farms. So, when I discovered that Julie from Black Isle Yarns had acquired fleeces from sheep which used to belong to me, I was keen to buy some yarn and see how it had turned out. 

Here's an image from 2012 with some of my Shetland ewes.

These are the mini skeins from Black Isle Yarns, 40g each. I love the green shade dyed over the grey giving the marl look. The are both very soft and have a rustic look. 

I used a 4mm small circular needle for this knit project. The garter stitch mini shawl is cast on at the centre back. Then increases are made to create an elongated triangle. 

To make the shawl slightly larger I knit some extra rows in grey and mustard in Buachaille yarn

I'm really pleased how this project turned out especially as I had in mind to gift it to a friend for her birthday.

Of course, I just had to take a picture of this kerchief with the view, over looking the fields where my sheep used to graze.