Sunday, 7 August 2011

Long Days of Light

Some sunny yellow flowers from the croft field.

Have been enjoying the very long hours of daylight and particularly good weather this summer here on the west coast of Scotland. The picture below was taken at 10pm on the evening of 20th June when the sun was still setting and casting light on the hillside opposite. Although it's still light at that time, now in early August, it's not enough to see for reading and knitting.

The long awaited 'Fleece and Fibre Source Book' by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarios has arrived by post. I'm still perusing this weighty publication and will share more about it soon, just to say it has been worth the wait.

There's at last been some produce from the garden - perpetual spinach has been prolific. It goes very well with bacon and mozzarella on homemade pizza.

The courgettes are also starting to develop, the cold start didn't help these at all.

Lots of left over ends of yarn about 9 metres in length in various colours were used up to make this circular crochet scarf. The rows are alternate single and double crochet.

And finally I'm going to spend some time learning to using a spinning wheel. This lovely piece of machinery has been very kindly loaned to me for as long as I want to use it. So when the evenings start drawing in this will help keep me occupied.


  1. It all looks good and sounds gorgeous:)
    You are pretty much living my dream life: Scotland, garden, knitting and beginning to learn how to spin. Come on, that is just wonderful!:)

  2. Long light nights really do make a difference. The colours on the scarf are great. That book has been on my wishlist for a while - will be interested to know what you think about it. Enjoy your spinning!

  3. I live in the Tropics so no long evenings of light for us, it looks wonderful! I'm keen to know how you rate that book I have been eyeing it off for a bit. That colour is gorgeous and so is the cowl and spinning...wonderful. After a year with a second hand wheel which is a bit temperamental I have bitten the bullet and ordered my very own, have fun spinning, its very addictive :-) PS my word verification was anitingl...cute!

  4. What a lovely blog post, full of all kinds of interesting tidbits! The veggies are looking great - we always add a couple of layers of spinach to home made lasagne. Do you eat the courgette flowers? We had them once in a restaurant in Barcelona - they'd been very quickly and lightly fried in tempura batter and were completely delicious. Happy spinning. x

  5. An interesting read and some beautiful pictures. Love the scarf made from left over oddments and the pizza looks delicious (not greasy just light and fresh looking, yum)

  6. I just blog hopped over from Baban Cat because of your buttercup photo, it made me smile because I had done something very similar just a few days ago to brighten up a very grey Scottish day - I blogged about them as well on my very new blog and then I spotted the lemon drizzle recipe I'm a sucker for a lemon cake... I'll be back!


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