Friday, 4 October 2013

Shetland Wool Week 7-13 October 2013

Next week is Shetland Wool Week 7-13 October. On Monday 7th October I'll be letting you know what this little lot of Shetland wool and other goodies is for and how you can win it...have a great weekend...


  1. Oh how i would very dearly love to take a trip to Shetland for its natural beauty ..oh and wool of course. Loving the look of this...enjoy your weekend too x Penny

  2. Thanks Penny... Yes I would like to make a trip over to the Shetland Islands one day too...

  3. i'm your newest follower, i'm intrigued by your post, these little bits of wool and what they will become!

  4. Hi Julia, I have been watching post from Shetland Wool Week on Instagram and drooling at all the lovely photos. Funnily enough I was just looking at my keyring this morning and thinking I needed to do something about a new one. I would love to win one of your wee houses. Enjoy the finale to SWW. Jen :-)


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