Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lost Photos

Ooops....if you are viewing this blog for the first time or are a returning visitor you may be wondering where all the photo's have gone. So am I!

I think they may have been lost when I updated Google's Picasa 3.9 photo organising tool.

I still have the original images saved so I can upload them again, however, I could be some time.

Hope you'll bear with me while things get back to normal. You can still follow updates on Facebook by clicking on the link to the right.....Julia x

2nd January 2014


  1. Good luck! Hope it doesn't take too long! I keep all my pictures on Flickr and upload a code to the blog that links in the pictures without you having to click on them. But this last time they appeared with arrowheads on either side and you could scroll through them, which was NOT what I wanted...
    I guess that is the result of some 'upgrade' or other!!



  2. Thanks Penny. Yes, an 'upgrade' that turned out to be a 'downgrade'!


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