Thursday, 9 January 2014

'Sweet and Spicy' Opal Sock Yarn Review

Until recently my sock knitting yarn has been limited to solid colours. I have wanted to try out some self patterning yarn for a while. My main concern about self patterning yarn is, will I end up with a pair of mismatched socks. I liked the look of this established brand Opal, so I thought I'd give the yarn a try. 

Yarn Details
75% wool, 25% polyamide
Opal Pullover & Sockenwolle 'Sweet and Spicy' #6755
Made in Germany 

I purchased my yarn from The Woolstack. Included with the yarn were two patterns, one for a pair of gloves with fingers and the other for Simple Socks & Gift Pouch. I followed the supplied sock pattern which gives instructions for cuff down socks in one size - ladies medium - which was just right for me.

One thing that put me off slightly, was the tiny needle size of 2.25mm (US 1) and thinking this would be another project I'd never finish. Usually I knit boot socks with DK or aran weight and nothing smaller than a 3.75mm (US 5) needle. However, I enjoyed watching the pattern develop so much that the needle size didn't seem to matter.

After I'd cast off the first sock I had a feel for how the pattern works with this yarn. I could see that I needed to unwind and remove about three meters of yarn from the ball before casting on my second sock. This meant that I started casting on the yarn part way through the orange, rust and cream pattern section. There's hardly any difference in the two socks. There is lots of yarn left over, may be enough for some small children's socks.

Really enjoyed using this yarn and straight forward pattern. I'd definitely think about using this brand again in a different colour way.


  1. These are gorgeous Julia. I love the way this yarn self patterns, I have always wanted to try Opal. You are right about the tiny needles, a wee bit off putting but then fortunately the yarn was perfectly distracting x

  2. Great socks, I love self-striping yarns - Trailing Clouds is a good indie dyer for stripy yarns, worth checking out, she does one that is all the colours of the underground lines.

  3. Well done! Sometimes the right pattern can make the needles not feel so small or the project seem so big.

  4. lovely socks....I will take note of your yarn recommendation, Ali

  5. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments.

    Thank you, The Foggy Knitter for suggesting Trailing Clouds. I checked this interesting yarn out but she seems to be out of stock of,

    "Mind The Gap" is a colourway inspired by the London Underground, and features the twelve iconic colours of the Tube map.

    I'll keep checking back to see if she has some more. Here's a link to Trailing Clouds Etsy shop.

  6. Look how fantastic these turned out. Love the soft colors and patterning.

  7. As a crochet person who just can't knit for toffee, I am always amazed by people who can knit socks. These are beautiful.

  8. Trailing Clouds has started her own shop Next update is 16/01, it sells out fast, but is quite intensive to dye, it's impressive stuff

  9. Thank you Foggy Knitter for the update and link...

  10. After making several pair of Opal socks, I finally realized the best way to make sure they match is to buy 2 skeins of the same color so I can line up the starting point for both before I cast on for the first.


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