Friday, 20 September 2013

Weekend to do list - A lot of knitting

Missed the Fabric of Britain: Knittings Golden Age programme on BBC4 last evening. Going to catch up on BBC iPlayer over the weekend but first I'll be doing a bit of walking...

...a bit of cake baking (to eat while watching knitting on iPlayer)...

        ...trying to finish my Ursula Mittens by Kate Davis
started back in August

...working on a new Hand Knitted Things design using 
Rowan Felted Tweed Aran...

Have a great weekend..


  1. Aaaaargh - I missed it too! Hopefully will get the chance to watch it on catch up. LOVE the mittens x Jane

  2. Thank you Jane...hope you enjoy watching the programme...

  3. Oh yes to the program on knitting. I taped it so am hoping to watch it tonight. Love your Kate Davies mittens, my goodness they are too gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed your indoor, knitting, cake eating knitting weekend :o) Absolute heaven! x Penny

  4. Thanks Penny...I have now seen the knitting program and learned a lot from it. Hope you get chance to see it...


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