Wednesday 8 July 2009

Checkerboard Cushion Cover

Printable PDF version download now)

A chunky knit effect is achieved on this textured cushion cover by using three strands of Aran weight yarn, knitted together as if one strand.

Using 3 strands of yarn cast on 35 stitches.
Row 1: (RS): K5,*P5,K5; rep from* to end.
Row 2: P5,*K5,P5; rep from* to end.
Repeat Row 1 and 2.
Row 5: As row 1
Row 6: As row 2
Repeat rows 1 and 2 twice
Repeat from row 1 until work = 21 squares (counted along length of work approximately 77 cm or 30.5 inches).
Continue with next row of squares next and make three buttonholes
Row 1: K5,*P5,K5; rep from* to end.
Row 2: (P5, K2, yo, K2tog, K1) rep 3 times, P5.
Row 3: As Row 1
Row 4: As Row 2
Cast off (5th row).

With right side facing and button holes at the top count down side edge, three squares, mark bottom edge of third square with contrast yarn, this will be the top edge of the cover, fold flap over. From this marker count down ten squares, mark bottom edge of tenth square with contrast yarn (this will be the bottom edge of the cover). Fold this flap up. The final cushion cover is ten checkerboard squares high front and back.

Using matching yarn in double thickness, with right sides together stitch side seams. Position buttons, sew on using felt square on the back of the knitting to reinforce stitches and prevent stitches pulling. Using buttonhole stitch, sew around buttonhole if required. Weave in ends. Block.

Right sides together sew side seams