Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Swedish Style Crochet Heart

This sweet little crochet project was found on Penelope's lovely blog 'L is four Love' in her post here. You can find the link for the translated instructions from the Swedish via Penelope's post or click here to go to Yarn Around Hook. I used some left over Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in shade # 700 with a size 4mm crochet hook. This was just a trial of the pattern so I was quite glad to use the larger hook, I couldn't quite make the picot edge work so there's some improvisation going on there. It's about 12 cm (5 inches) excluding the hanging loop. Will give this pattern a try with a smaller hook next time to make it less floppy, or wash with some starch, the heart wants to keep folding over when hung on the wall in it's current format.


  1. Hi Julia

    How divine is your heart! Looks so beautiful in that colour. I used Dylon starch spray which seemed to help with encouraging the heart to stay straight! Another pretty post xox I got very excited when I spotted some of the Indie yarn you mentioned in your previous post and so need to get knitting, such a perfect Christmas handmade heavenly scarf xox

  2. That's lovely and a great way of using up small amounts of yarn - the blood red colour really suits it. x

  3. That's a lovely heart, makes a change from fabric ones.

  4. Very nice .. I will share with my friends. Thanks


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