Friday 18 November 2011

Before and After

After only a few weeks of wear and a couple of washes these hand knit socks have pilled all around the ankles and do not look their best. Made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino which is very soft and comfortable. However, using this yarn for a pair of hiking socks is taking it's toll. A few weeks ago I purchased one of those gadgets for 'strimming' off the dreaded pills. I have never owned one of these before so was slightly sceptical about it's claims to transform knitwear to it's former self. I use it now all the time. Here's the after effect on the socks (with the careful aid of scissors on the worst areas).....

My only criticism is with the fluff compartment. It is prone to coming loose and distributing it's contents at just the wrong moment. Rather than return the item for another with probably the same issue, the tape bandage has been introduced and problem solved. This one came from a well know website more famous for selling books - but seems to sell just about anything now.


  1. Brilliant sock recovery. I'm encouraged to try a shaver now. Thank you for the before and after photos!

  2. I was always abit doubtful as to if these shavers would work or not but now I know. Your sock looks as good as new now :)

  3. looks good! thanks for sharing Julia! xx

  4. I kep wondering about those little shavers. Guess they work then :)

    Blogger is on a roll with its word verification today - "fillapot"

  5. Magic. My favourite colour too. x

  6. We had one once, but with time it got pretty tame.. But I think I am willing to give it a new go... The cardigan I am wearing right now could use some help. ;)


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