Friday, 17 February 2012

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A busy week... A few lovely hours of sunshine mid week and a walk around the coast path was a welcome change from walks in the rain. This is Loch Torridon with the Highlands in the background.

Earlier in the week we were busy planting a new willow shelter belt on the croft - you can read more about it on the croft blog - here.
On the needles a new Hand Knitted design is nearing completion. It has a Fairisle influence - this is the back view of the knitting. Hopefully the finished item will be revealed soon.

Hand Knitted Things was pleased to be featured recently on the Subway Knits podcast Episode 26 broadcast on February 4th. Maria hosts this podcast from New York and features all things knitting related. There's an interesting segment about Downton Abbey - I had no idea how popular this TV series had become over the Atlantic. Subway Knits can be downloaded with iTunes and the show notes for this episode can be found here.

More knitting news - I'm trying out this Rowan Felted Tweed in Aran weight for some gloves and hats. It's a mix of merino wool, alpaca and viscose and comes in 50g balls, 87m, (95yds). I have three colour ways, a russet brown ( Burnt #722), sage green (Glade #733) and a royal blue (Teal #725).

The mobile library visits this remote part of Scotland every three weeks. On loan this visit is a book by Scottish chef Tom Kitchin. I've book marked a recipe for Almond Shortbread to try over the weekend.
Earlier in the week we managed to sit down and enjoy a DVD I'd wanted to see for some time - The Kings Speech - after all the hype about this film we weren't disappointed.

There is more snow forecast here for tomorrow! Hope you have great weekend!


  1. The photo of the Loch is gorgeous, it's like a postcard. Actually a better photo than some featured on postcards.
    I've not watched The King's Speech myself yet. All the hyping up of films tends to put me off so I end up watching big films afew years after everyone else.
    I was wondering, how are your sheep settling in?

  2. I love the King's Speech, beautiful coloured wool & thet view is amazing! :)

  3. What a beautiful location. I love the photo of the Loch. I also love your Rowan, wonderful colours.

  4. Your place looks lovely but I bet its cold :-) I am a fan of Downton Abbey too. Eagerly awaiting the release of the second season on DVD so I can watch it as we don't get regular TV here. Love those Rowan colours and the fair aisle looks interesting too :-)

  5. I'm jealous of the stunning views you have up there,and your choices of Rowan wool seem to echo the colours of the landscape around you, look forward to seeing it knitted up - really love the teal yarn - I think I may have to order some for myself too.
    Happy Knitting.

    Fleur xx


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