Thursday 16 February 2017

Knitting & Crochet Guild Collection: Part 2

Following on from my previous post about visiting the Knitting and Crochet Guild Collection (KCG), I have some more treasures to show you, all crochet items. Well I can crochet a few basic stitches but am no expert. The following examples are stunning in their details and complexity.

Not having any knowledge of Irish Crochet previously, it was with anticipation I watched as white boxes were brought out and placed on the table. Somehow I had a feeling these would contain special items and was not disappointed.

White gloves were put on for handling the delicate pieces which originate from the Edwardian period.

Part of this Irish Lace collection was featured in Rowan Magazine Vol 55 February 2014. This particular volume also has a piece about the KCG history, collection and members.

There is a blog post by Katie Bevan which talks about the photo shoot for the Rowan article showcasing the beautiful Edwardian dresses and other items.

If you'd like to read more about the lace collection held at the archive and it's history, Barbara the Publications Curator at the KCG has a post about it on her blog - Knitting Now and Then - click on the image below.
Knitting Now and Then - Irish Crochet

Next this very large bedspread with lemon yellow and white daisies crocheted with mercerised cotton and originating from the 1930's. The pattern instructions describe it as a masterpiece, no exaggeration, it is truly a work of art and patience.

The stitches are so tiny and uniform, this must have taken some considerable time to complete.

More crochet from the 1930's, doilies were very popular and the collection has hundreds of these items. Here are two examples in mercerised cotton with a spring flower theme...

Close up of this daffodil dollie with hopes of the spring to come...

There are many more items in the collection, new items being added all the time. The aim is to preserve the history of the crafts and provide inspiration for the future. 

I was certainly inspired by my visit to the collection and hope to make many more visits there in the future.

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