Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Knitting Kits at Lucy Locket Land

Recently I teamed up with the lovely Lucy, from Locket Land and I'm delighted to announce two new knitting kits have been produced from my knitting patterns. These were launched last week at Yarndale in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

First is the Counting Sheep kit, this includes yarn made with fleece from my shetland sheep. Several natural colours are in the kits and there's enough to make a mini flock of at least five sheep. 

The image below shows some of the skeins in preparation ranging in colour from white, fawn, grey, brown and black.

The sheep kit includes the printed pattern, shetland wool yarn and natural wool filling in a neat presentation box. These are available online from Lucy's website and from her bricks and mortar shop (more about her shop later). 

Image courtesy Lucy Locket Land

Next, it's the Mini Red Roof Croft House pattern which has been so popular. 

For the Wee Croft House Knitting kits Lucy hand dyed shetland wool in pretty primary colours for the doors and roofs. There's enough yarn to make all three of these cute little houses.

Image courtesy Lucy Locket Land

The house kits include the printed pattern, the yarn and natural wool filling in cardboard presentation boxes. As with the sheep the house kits are available from Lucy's website and her shop.

Image courtesy Lucy Locket Land

The knitting kit production line...

Image courtesy Lucy Locket Land

Now, a little bit about Lucy's bricks and mortar shop. It is an exciting creative hub located near Sunderland in the north east of England. The shop stocks stunning yarns, unique work by local artisans, there are craft workshops (not just knitting) as well as knitting groups. 

Here's a little look around... 

Image courtesy Lucy Locket Land

Image courtesy Lucy Locket Land

Image courtesy Lucy Locket Land

Hope you enjoyed that quick visit.  Check out the opening times and keep up to date with news via Lucy's Instagram and website.


  1. Is one allowed to chase those sheep?
    Toodle pip!

  2. OMG!! All that yarn!!!!! It looks like heaven. lol


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