Friday, 15 January 2010

Channel Island cast on

This cast on method makes an attractive edging for many types of item. It is a lot easier to do than it looks. Try practicing with chunky needles, say 6mm, and some left over chunky yarn. I've opted for starting with a slip knot using the double thickness yarn but you can start with a slip knot using the single thickness yarn. I also found it is better to follow the cast on row with a few rows of knit stitch to stop the edge from "curling".

Just experiment and see what works for you...I used this cast on method for some fingerless gloves in the previous post click here to see.

Tip - remember to do the "yarn over" in between each stitch.

If you would like more detailed instructions, have a look at this very good YouTube video by oftroy, click here.

1. Start with a long tail. Double the length of yarn and make a slip knot as you would for a long tail cast on.

2. Grip the short spare piece out of the way in your right hand.

3. Using the single yarn (from the ball) put the "yarn over".

4. Wrap the double strand tail counter clockwise around the left thumb and push the needle up through as if you were making a knit stitch....

5. Pass the single "yarn over ".

6. Pass the double strands over as if making a knit stitch.

7. Pull firm and you have the first "knot" of the picot edging.

8. Continue with yarn over in between each stitch....

9. Keep working until you have a row of "knots".

10. Follow this cast on row with a few rows of knit stitch to prevent the edge from "curling".


  1. I will have to try this-your pictures make it look easy, and are nice and clear :)

  2. uh that looks fancy. I am totally going to try that!

  3. It's always the casting on that puts me off knitting but this way looks really good so I will be giving it a go. Thanks.

  4. Have the day off and I should be getting things done around here- but found your "spot" and taught myself the Channel Island cast on!! Thanks . Cyndy

  5. Thanks! Will enjoy trying this :)
    I love your blog, just found it and have added it to my favourites reading list :) thanks :)

  6. Super easy tutorial! Thanks. Can't wait to use it.

  7. Thanks for the great pictures. I'll have to try this!

  8. Julia:
    Thanks a lot!!! I enjoy this stitch and I try to do this.
    Best regards
    Doris Santiago

  9. How do you cast off to get the same look. Love this look.

  10. I'm not aware of a method to cast off exactly the same. However there is the picot edge cast off which gives a similar bobble effect. I did a tutorial for it here...

  11. Hi Julia! I just found your Blog via Pinterest and this cast on looks great! Thanks for sharing it with us! I will be reading your Blog frequently! :-)

  12. Thank you for this. Finally a cast on that is flexible enough to avoid the too-tight sock tops!


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