Wednesday 26 November 2014

Anyone for Tea?

My delightful Bobbles Tea Cosy by Sian Brown is a cheerful addition to the tea table. Sian sent me the knitting kit from her Make at Home range to review. It came in a lovely cotton tote bag with a printed pattern and the yarn. It was easy and enjoyable to make and the yarn is 100% aran weight wool. This would make a great gift for either a beginner or experienced knitter.

Here's Sian's description of the kit from her website,

"This is a knitting kit for the Bobbles Tea Cosy, part of the Make at Home range of knitting and crochet kits and patterns for the home. The range is inspired by growing up in the 60 s and 70s. This has a fun, nostalgic feel and combines a classic tea cosy with a pompom with added multi coloured bobbles which look like sweeties. The colours are cream, rose, olive, fuchsia and saffron, in an aran pure wool. The top is shaped using simple decreases, and the bobbles are knitted in randomly, the sample has 16 on each side. There is a pompom on the top.

Measures 22 cm wide x 18 cm high not including pompom. This is a simple cosy to make and will add colour and fun to the table, fine for a beginner knitter and a great gift for any knitter. The includes yarn, pattern, and is packed in a cotton tote bag. You will need; 5mm needles, and a teapot."

The vibrant bobble colours work well together and reminded me of those little iced biscuits I used to enjoy as a child.

Everyone knows how to make a pompom don't they? Well it's a while since I made one. I knew I needed to cut out some card templates. I found this interesting free download template from Home Made Gifts made Easy.

Pompom completed...

Finished Bobbles Tea Cosy...

Time for tea, a sit down, admire my lovely tea cosy and relax with pompom quarterly

Sian's Make at Home Range can be found on her website and her Etsy shop.

Hope you enjoyed reading about this project.


  1. Beautiful. Especially the pom pom!
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. love the cosy, particularly the coloured bobbles

  3. Hi Julia!

    This is so pretty! <3
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ingrid xx


  4. Thank you for sharing your bike trip. it brought back so many memories. That was me 40 years ago. My knees won't allow me bike anymore,but I had such great trips. Just me my little lunch and a book. Alene

  5. Love the tea pot pom pom wearing. So original :)


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